VOLUME 14 (2022), NR. 1

Irma Potočnik Slavič
The Contribution of LEADER to the Empowerment of Rural Areas: The Case of the Brkini Region, Slovenia

Wojciech Knieć and Wojciech Goszczyński
Local Horizons of Governance. Social Conditions for Good Governance in Rural Development in Poland

Biró A. Zoltán, Ágnes Sárosi-Blága and Judit-Tünde Kovács
Changes in the Role of Agriculture from the Perspective of Innovative Agricultural Entrepreneurs. The Case of Szeklerland, Eastern Transylvania

József Káposzta and Henrietta Nagy
The Major Relationships in the Economic Growth of the Rural Spaceon

Katja Vintar Mally, Nejc Bobovnik, Lea Kimovec and Barbara Lampič
Changes in (Sustainable) Development of Slovenian Small Towns

Anja Trobec
Challenges in Assessing the Level of Plant-Based Food Self-Sufficiency Using Publicly Available Data in the Regional Context of Slovenia

Lucia Škamlová
Food Self-Sufficiency in Slovakia from the Perspective of Land Use and Production Approach

Ivana Žafran and Petra Radeljak Kaufmann
Tourism in a Peripheral Setting: A Case Study of Farm Tourism Development in Lika, Croatia

Artur Boháč and Emil Drápela
Overtourism Hotspots: Both a Threat and Opportunity for Rural Tourism

Marcus Petz
Nomadtown, Manifesting the Global Village Hypothesis: A Case Study of a Rural Resilience Hub Within an Educational Milieu in North Karelia, Finland


VOLUME 13 (2021), NR. 1

Oliver Müller
Making Landscapes of (Be)Longing. Territorialization in the Context of the Eu Development Program Leader in North Rhine-Westphalia

Ann Grubbström, Sofie Joosse
New Entrants in Agriculture – The Case of Young Immigrant Farmers in Sweden

Enikö Varga, Zoltán Baracskai
Mindset Patterns of Newcomers to Organic Farming in Hungary

Jarosław Greser, Ryszard Kamiński, Piotr Klatta, Wojciech Knieć, Jonatan Martinez-Perez, Anna Sitek, Anthony Wagstaff
Knowledge Transfer, Knowledge Acquisition and Qualifications in the Context of Rural Development in Poland

Marina Novikova
Transformative Social Innovation in Rural Areas: Insights from a Rural Development Initiative in the Portuguese Region of Baixo Alentejo

Tibor Gonda, Kinga Angler, László Csóka
The Role of Local Products in Tourism

Katalin Lörincz, Annamária Sasné Grósz, János Csapó
Evaluation of Quality of Life and Living Space in the Balaton Destination (Hungary) Based on the Perceptions of the Local Residents and the Owners of Second Homes

Barbara Kostanjšek, Naja Marot
The Current Challenges and Future Alternatives of Supplying Remote Areas with Basic Goods: The Case Study of Idrijsko-Cerkljansko Region, Slovenia

Agata Ćwik, Hanna Hrehorowicz-Gaber
Causes and Effects of Spatial Chaos in the Polish Carpathians – A Difficult Way to Sustainable Development

Brit Logstein
Work Demands, Independence, Valuation as a Farmer, and Mental Health in Farming. A Study of Mental Health Among Dairy Farmers and Vegetable- And Potato Farmers in Norway

Stephen K. Wegren
Prospects for Sustainable Agriculture in Russia

Kamen Petrov
The Regional Development of the Rural Areas in Bulgaria and the Support of the European Union

VOLUME 13 (2021), NR. 2

Raili Nugin, Kadri Kasemets
Stable Mobilities and Mobile Stabilities in Rural Estonian Communities

Agnieszka Jaszczak, Gintare Vaznoniene, Katarina Kristianova, Vilma Atkociuniene
Social and Spatial Relation Between Small Towns and Villages in Peripheral Regions: Evidence from Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia

Ricard Morén-Alegret, Josepha Milazzo, Francesc Romagosa, Giorgos Kallis
'Cosmovillagers' as Sustainable Rural Development Actors in Mountain Hamlets? International Immigrant Entrepreneurs’ Perceptions of Sustainability in the Lleida Pyrenees (Catalonia, Spain)

Ekrem Gjokaj, Diana Kopeva, Nol Krasniqi, Henrietta Nagy
Factors Affecting the Performance of Agri Small and Medium Enterprises with Evidence from Kosovo

Pedro Azevedo
The Ways of Saint James in Trás-Os-Montes and Alto Douro as an Example of Soft Tourism in Rural Areas

Vicente Pinilla, Luis Antonio Sáez
What Do Public Policies Teach us About Rural Depopulation: The Case Study of Spain

Francisco Navarro-Valverde, Eugenio Cejudo-García, José Antonio Cañete Pérez
The Lack of Attention Given by Neoendogenous Rural Development Practice to Areas Highly Affected by Depopulation. The Case of Andalusia (Spain) in 2015–2020 Period

Thoroddur Bjarnason
Tunnelling the Peninsula of Trolls: A Case Study of Road Infrastructure Improvement and Demographic Dynamics in Northern Iceland

Raul Lopes, Bruno Mota
Innovative Local Policies in Portuguese Low-Density Rural Areas

H. S Martínez Sánchez-Mateos, A. R Ruiz Pulpón
Closeness is Not Accessibility: Isolation and Depopulated Rural Areas in the Proximity of Metropolitan Urban Areas, A Case-Study in Inland Spain

Antonín Vaishar, Milada Šťastná
Rural Development in Sparsely Populated Areas. Vranov Na Dyjí Micro-Region in Moravia

František Petrovič, Lucia Petrikovičová
Landscape Tranformation of Small Rural Settlements with Dispersed Type of Settlement in Slovakia

One short communication:

Toivo Muilu
Rural Policies for Sparsely Populated Areas in Finland – Old Problems, New Challenges and Future Opportunities

VOLUME 13 (2021), NR. 3

Evangelos Pavlis, Theano Terkenli
Prospects and Constraints of Low-Intensity Farming in Marginal Peri-Urban Areas: The Case of Lesvos, Greece

Ilona Svobodová, Jan Drlík, Daniela Spěšná, Milloslav Delín
Food Self-Provisioning in the Czech Republic – A Comparison of Suburban and Peripheral Regions of Rural South Moravia

Rahmat Ali Mohammed, Marcello de Rosa, Maria Angela Perito
Upward Transition of Indian Entrepreneurs: from Simple Working to Ethnic Entrepreneurship. A Case Study in an Italian Region

Maja Farstad, Alexander Zahl-Thanem
Social Transparency in Rural Areas in Norway: Promoting or Restraining the Desire to Stay?

Jakub Stachowski, Bente Rasmussen
From Valued Stayers to Working Hands? the Social Consequences of Changing Employment Relations Among Polish Migrants in Farmed Salmon Industry in Rural Norway

Tibor Farkas
The Role of the Social Capital in Rural Development. Case Study Analysis of Village Research Camps in Romania and Hungary

Elisabeth Kastenholz, Pilar Fernández-Ferrín, Áurea Rodrigues
Nostalgia, Sensations and Local Products in Rural Tourism Experiences in a Portuguese Schist Village

Elisabete Figueiredo, Teresa Forte, Celeste Eusébio
Rural Territories and Food Tourism – Exploring the Virtuous Bonds Through a Systematic Literature Review

Miriam Bosmann, Gert-Jan Hospers, Dirk Reiser
Searching for Success Factors of Agritourism: The Case of Kleve County (Germany)

Anna Michálková, Jozef Gáll
Institutional Provision of Destination Management in the Most Important and in the Crisis Period the Most Vulnerable Regions of Tourism in Slovakia

One short communication:

Elena Rudan, Christian Stipanović
Music in the Tourism Offering of Rural Regions (The Case of Eastern Croatia)

VOLUME 13 (2021), NR. 4

Ramanauskas, Julius, Vienažindienė, Milita, Rauluškevičienė, Jolanta and Žukovskis, Jan
Collaboration Perspectives Developing Sustainable Agriculture: The Case of Lithuanian Farmers

Pierre, Geneviève and Mazaud, Caroline
Community Acceptance of Wind Energy: Lessons from a Case Study on a Local Participatory Project in Pays Des Mauges (West France)

Vidickienė, Dalia, Gedminaite-Raudone, Zivile, Vilke, Rita, Chmielinski, Pawel and Zobena, Aija
Barriers to Start and Develop Transformative Ecotourism Business

Králiková, Andrea, Kubát, Patrik and Ryglová, Kateřina
Visitors' Happiness and Loyalty in the Moravian Wine Region

Skrzypczyński, Robert
Rural Experiments with the Management of Basic Resources. Key Characteristics of European Ecovillages Aiming at Partial Self-Sufficiency in Water, Food and Energy

González, José Javier Callejo, Herrero, Jesús Antonio Ruiz and Aboitiz, Ricardo Jiménez
Residential Aspirations and Perception of Rural Youth of the Opportunities Offered by their Environment: the Case of a Spanish Inland Rural Area

Oguz, Cennet and Diyanah, Siti Mustaqimatud
The Analysis of Factors Affecting Farmers to Take Out Agricultural Insurance: A Case Study of Altinekin District, Konya Province of Turkey

Tóth, Tamás and Káposzta, József
Successful Management of Settlements to Boost Rural Development


VOLUME 12 (2020), NR. 1

Angelo Belliggiano, Alberto Sturla, Marco Vassallo and Laura Viganò
Neo-Endogenous Rural Development in Favor of Organic Farming: Two Case Studies from Italian Fragile Areas

Hugo Oliveira and Gil Penha-Lopes
Permaculture in Portugal: Social-Ecological Inventory of a Re-Ruralizing Grassroots Movement

Bianca Minotti and Lukáš Zagata
Towards Food Policy for Europe: A Comparison of the Post-2020 Common Agricultural Policy Discourses

Apolka Ujj, Csaba Bálint, Pál Goda, Paulina Jancsovszka and Kennedy Mutua
Development of the Agricultural Innovation Brokerage Concept in Eastern European Countries, Based on a Hungarian Situation Analysis

Brigitta Zsótér, Sándor Illés and Péter Simonyi
Model of Local Economic Development in Hungarian Countryside

Valérie Bossi Fedrigotti, Stefania Troiano, Christian Fischer and Francesco Marangon
Public Preferences for Farmed Landscapes: the Case of Traditional Chestnut Orchards in South Tyrol

Bernadetta Zawilińska
Residents’ Attitudes Towards a National Park Under Conditions of Suburbanisation and Tourism Pressure: A Case Study of Ojców National Park (Poland)

Andrzej Kaleta
Polish Rural Sociology in the Period of Political and Social Transformation

VOLUME 12 (2020), NR. 2

Kim Pollermann, Francis Aubert, Marielle Berriet-Solliec, Catherine Laidin, Denis Lépicier, Hai Vu Pham, Petra Raue and Gitta Schnaut
Leader as a European Policy for Rural Development in a Multilevel Governance Framework: A Comparison of the Implementation in France, Germany and Italy

Tamara Gajić, Marko D. Petrović, Milan M. Radovanović, Tatiana N. Tretiakova and Julia A. Syromiatnikova
Possibilities of Turning Passive Rural Areas into Tourist Attractions Through Attained Service Quality

Ariane Sept
Thinking Together Digitalization and Social Innovation in Rural Areas: An Exploration of Rural Digitalization Projects in Germany

Lúcia Pato
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Towards Rural Development Evidence from a Peripheral Area in Portugal

Jerzy Bański and Monika Wesołowska
Disappearing Villages in Poland – Selected Socioeconomic Processes and Spatial Phenomena

Nino Adamashvili, Mariantonietta Fiore, Francesco Contò and Piermichele La Sala
Ecosystem for Successful Agriculture. Collaborative Approach as a Driver for Agricultural Development

Jarmila Makovníková, Boris Pálka, Stanislav Kološta, Filip Flaška, Katarína Orságová and Mária Spišiaková
Non-Monetary Assessment and Mapping of the Potential of Agroecosystem Services in Rural Slovakia

VOLUME 12 (2020), NR. 3

Dalia Vidickienė, Rita Vilkė and Živilė Gedminaitė-Raudonė
Transformative Tourism as an Innovative Tool for Rural Development

Milada Šťastná, Antonín Vaishar, Kateřina Ryglová, Ida Rašovská and Silvie Zámečník
Cultural Tourism as a Possible Driver of Rural Development in Czechia. Wine Tourism in Moravia as a Case Study

Aleksandra Terzić, Marija Drobnjaković and Biljana Petrevska
Traditional Serbian Countryside and Second-Home Tourism Perspectives

Antonio Pizarro-Gómez, Giedrė Šadeikaitė and F. Javier García-Delgado
The World of Iberian Ham and its Tourist Potential in the Sierra De Huelva (Andalusia, Spain)

Līga Paula and Dace Kaufmane
Cooperation for Renewal of Local Cultural Heritage in Rural Communities: Case Study of the Night of Legends in Latvia

Alexander Savchenko and Tatiana Borodina
The Role of Cultural Tourism in Development of Depressed Regions in Russia: The Case of Plyos, Ivanovo Region.

Martín Gómez-Ullate, Laurent Rieutort, Afroditi Kamara, Ana Sofía Santos, Antonio Pirra and Merly Gotay Solís
Demographic Challenges in Rural Europe and Cases of Resilience Based on Cultural Heritage Management. A Comparative Analysis in Mediterranean Countries Inner Regions

Oleksandr Pavlov, Tatiana Pavlova and Iryna Pavlova
Branding of Cultural Tourism Objects of the United Territorial Communities of the Southern Megaregion of Ukraine

VOLUME 12 (2020), NR. 4

Gema Cárdenas Alonso, Ana Nieto Masot
Rural Space Governance in Extremadura (SW Spain). Analysis of the Leader Approach

Dario Musolino, Alessia Silvetti
Are Mountain Areas Attractive for Investments? The Case of the Alpine Provinces in Italy

Nicola Galluzzo
A Technical Efficiency Analysis of Financial Subsidies Allocated by the Cap in Romanian Farms Using Stochastic Frontier Analysis

Nina Hyytiä
Russian Food Import Ban - Impacts on Rural and Regional Development in Finland

Anna Żemła - Siesicka
The Influence of Tourist Infrastructure on the Mountain Landscape. Towards a Tourist Landscape. Case Study of the Silesian Beskid

Gonçalo Fernandes, Emanuel de Castro, Hugo Gomes
Tourism, Development and Protected Areas: Deconstructing the Myth

Anna Kłoczko-Gajewska
Long-Term Impact of Closing Rural Schools on Local Social Capital: A Multiple-Case Study from Poland

Jana Krčmářová
Loss of Agroforestry: Symbolic Annihilation of Mixed Cultures in 19th Century Agricultural Science

Daniel E. May
The Risk of Losing Deserted Medieval Rural Settlements: Opportunities for Agroturism and Rural Development


VOLUME 11 (2019), NR. 1

Ondřej Konečný
The Leader Approach Across The European Union: One Method of Rural Development, Many Forms of Implementation

Simon Kušar
Green Infrastructure as A Facilitator of Sustainable Spatial Development in Rural Areas: Experiences from The Vipava Valley (Slovenia)

Marcela Chreneková
Effects of Social Economy Selected Segments in The Slovak Republic

Fatemeh Abbasi, Javier Esparcia and Heshmat A. Saadi
From Analysis to Formulation of Strategies for Farm Advisory Services (Case Study: Valencia – Spain). an Application through SWOT and QSPM Matrix

Małgorzata Twardzik and Krystian Heffner
Small Towns and Rural Areas – as A Prospective Place of Modern Retail Trade Formats in Poland

Dalia Vidickiene and Zivile Gedminaite-Raudone
Servitization as A Tool to Increase Vitality of Ageing Rural Community

Alžbeta Sopirová and Ivana Bradová
Public Amenities in Rural Suburban Settlements in Bratislava’s Hinterland

Jovana Brankov, Tamara Jojić Glavonjić, Ana Milanović Pešić, Marko D. Petrović and Tatiana N. Tretiakova
Residents’ Perceptions of Tourism Impact on Community in National Parks in Serbia

Eva Daniela Cvik and Radka MacGregor Pelikánová
The (Mis)Compliance of Objectives of New Cap – Legislative, Academic and General Public Perspectives

István Finta
The Planned Legal Regulation of The EU’s Post-2020 Development Policy – or an Assassination Against the Countryside

VOLUME 11 (2019), NR. 2

Milada Šťastná, Antonín Vaishar
The Centennial of Mendel University in Brno and its Faculty of Agrisciences (Editorial)

Anu Printsmann, Hannu Linkola, Anita Zariņa, Margarita Vološina, Maunu Häyrynen and Hannes Palang
Landscape 100: How Finland, Estonia and Latvia used landscape in celebrating their centenary anniversaries

Eileen O´Rourke
Drivers of land abandonment in the Irish uplands: a case study

Antoni F. Tulla
Sustainable rural development requires value-added activities linked with comparative advantage: the case of the Catalan Pyrenees

Olli Lehtonen, Toivo Muilu and Hilkka Vihinen
Multi-Local Living – An Opportunity for Rural Health Services in Finland?

VOLUME 11 (2019), NR. 3

Renata Slabe-Erker, Marko Ogorevc, Primož Kmecl and Rok Ciglič
Effects of the European Common Agricultural Policy on Preserving Biodiversity: Farmland Birds in Slovenia

Jennifer Deriaz, Rok Ciglič, Mateja Ferk and Dénes Loczy
The Influence of Different Levels of Data Detail on Land use Change Analyses: A Case Study of Franciscan Cadastre for a Part of the Pannonian Hills, Slovenia

Tim Theissen, Annette Otte and Rainer Waldhardt
Land-Use Change Related to Topography and Societal Drivers in High-Mountains – A Case Study in the Upper Watershed of the Tergi (Kazbegi Region), Greater Caucasus

Carmen Delgado Viñas
Depopulation Processes in European Rural Areas: A Case Study of Cantabria (Spain)

Csilla Nezdei and Zoltán Horváth
Development Directions and Opportunities of Market Places in the Balaton Region Especially Concerning Local Producers’ Markets

Helena Hudečková, Jakub Husák and Rudolfina Voleská
Family Policy in the Strategic Planning of Rural Municipalities in the Czech Republic

Anna Bábíková
Leaders in Rural Development Structures (Case Study on the Territory of the LAG Dolní Morava, Moravia)

Marcus Petz and Teppo Eskelinen
Sysmä Community Currency: An Analysis of its Success from the Perspectives of Purposes, Stakeholders and Promotion

Ondrej Beňuš
Competitiveness of the Czech Meat Industry on the Single Market

Gianluca Bambi, Simona Iacobelli, Giuseppe Rossi, Paolo Pellegrini and Matteo Barbari
Rural Tourism to Promote Territories along the Ancient Roads of Communication: Case Study of the Rediscovery of the St. Francis’s Ways Between Florence and La Verna

VOLUME 11 (2019), NR. 4

Corrado Ievoli, Angelo Belliggiano, Danilo Marandola, Pierluigi Milone and Flaminia Ventura
Information and Communication Infrastructures and New Business Models in Rural Areas: The Case of Molise Region in Italy

Vilma Atkočiūnienė and Gintarė Vaznonienė
Smart Village Development Principles and Driving Forces: The Case of Lithuania

Ana Vera Martin and Antoni F. Tulla
Innovation, Spatial Loyalty, and ICTs as Locational Determinants of Rural Development in the Catalan Pyrenees

Andrey S. Mikhaylov, Anna A. Mikhaylova, Stanislav S. Lachininskii and Dmitry V. Hvaley
Coastal Countryside Innovation Dynamics in North-Western Russia

Ruth Wilson and Jonathan Hopkins
The Changing Shape of Scotland’s Digital Divide

Martin Pělucha
Smart Villages and Investments to Public Services and ICT Infrastructure: Case of the Czech Rural Development Program 2007–2013

Jaroslav Vrchota, Zuzana Frantíková and Miroslava Vlčková
Why Some SME’s in the Czech Republic Adopt Telework and Others Not?

Lorna Philip and Fiona Williams
Healthy Ageing in Smart Villages? Observations from the Field

Bill Slee
Delivering on the Concept of Smart Villages – in Search of an Enabling Theory

Antonín Vaishar and Milada Šťastná
Smart Village and Sustainability. Southern Moravia Case Study

Shukru Esmene and Michael Leyshon
The Role of Rural Heterogeneity in Knowledge Mobilisation and Sociotechnical Transitions: Reflections from a Study on Electric Vehicles as an Alternative Technology for Cornwall, UK


VOLUME 10 (2019), NR. 1

Doležal, Petr / Konečná, Jana / Karásek, Petr / Podhrázská, Jana / Pochop, Michal
Water Retention in a Small Agricultural Catchment and its Potential Improvement by Design of Water Reservoirs – A Case Study of the Bílý Potok Catchment (Czechia)

Stjernström, Olof / Pettersson, Örjan / Karlsson, Svante
How Can Sweden Deal with Forest Management and Municipal Planning in the System of Ongoing Land-Use and Multilevel Planning?

Musolino, Dario / Crea, Vincenzo / Marcianò, Claudio
Being Excellent Entrepreneurs in Highly Marginal Areas: The Case of the Agri-Food Sector in the Province of Reggio Calabria

Galluzzo, Nicola
A Non-Parametric Analysis of Technical Efficiency in Bulgarian Farms Using the FADN Dataset

Honvári, Patrícia / Kukorelli, Irén Szörényiné
Examining the Renewable Energy Investments in Hungarian Rural Settlements: The Gained Local Benefits and the Aspects of Local Community Involvement

Patkós, Csaba
Specialities in the Institutionalisation of Hungarian Leader Local Action Groups

Navarro, Francisco / Labianca, Marilena / Cejudo, Eugenio / de Rubertis, Stefano / Salento, Angelo / Maroto, Juan Carlos / Belliggiano, Angelo
Interpretations of Innovation in Rural Development. The Cases of Leader Projects in Lecce (Italy) and Granada (Spain) in 2007–2013 Period

Stonawská, Kateřina / Vaishar, Antonín
Differentiation and Typology of the Moravian Countryside

Kumar, Danila Zuljan
Identity Changes in the Slovenian and Friulian Linguistic Communities in the Province of Udine, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy

Kurz, Peter
Between Smallholder Traditions and “Ecological Modernisation” – Agricultural Transformation, Landscape Change and the Cap in Austria 1995–2015

VOLUME 10 (2018), NR. 2

Vaishar, Antonin / Vidovićová, Lucie / Figueiredo, Elisabete
Quality of Rural Life. Editorial

Bernard, Josef
Rural Quality of Life – Poverty, Satisfaction and Opportunity Deprivation in Different Types of Rural Territories

Fischer, Tatjana / Born, Karl Martin
Rural Poverty and its Consequences in Structurally Weak Rural Areas of Austria from the Mayors’ Perspective

Blekesaune, Arild / Haugen, Marit S.
Ageing in Norwegian Rural and Urban Communities

Petrová Kafková, Marcela / Vidovićová, Lucie / Wija, Petr
Older Adults and Civic Engagement in Rural Areas of the Czech Republic

Brambert, Patryk / Kiniorska, Iwona
Changes in the Standard of Living in Rural Population of Poland in the Period of the Eu Membership

Michalska-Zyla, Agnieszka / Marks-Krzyszkowska, Malgorzata
Quality of Life and Quality of Living in Rural Communes in Poland

Halonen, Maija / Kattilakoski, Mari
Well-Being and Participation: Views on Policy Measures in Sparsely Populated Rural Municipalities in Finland

Moser, Andrea / Peter, Heike / Fengler, Birgit / Strohm-Lömpcke, Renate
Improving the Quality of Life with Rural Development Programmes in Germany (2007–2013): Evidence from the Evaluation

Vaznoniene, Gintare / Kiausiene, Ilona
Social Infrastructure Services for Promoting Local Community Wellbeing in Lithuania

VOLUME 10 (2018), NR. 3

Pia Regina Kieninger, Katharina Gugerell, Vera Biba, Isabella Auberger, Silvia Winter and Marianne Penker
Motivation Crowding and Participation in Agri-Environmental Schemes – The Case of the Austrian ÖPUL-Programme in Vineyards

Eliška Hudcová, Tomáš Chovanec and Jan Moudrý
Social Entrepreneurship in Agriculture, a Sustainable Practice for Social and Economic Cohesion in Rural Areas: The Case of the Czech Republic

Antoni F. Tulla, Ana Vera, Natàlia Valldeperas and Carles Guirado
Social Return and Economic Viability of Social Farming in Catalonia: A Case-Study Analysis

Jana Jaďuďová, Iveta Marková, Jana Hroncová Vicianová, Anna Bohers and Ivan Murin
Study of Consumer Preferences of Regional Labeling. Slovak Case Study

Claudia Yubero and Pascal Chevalier
The Illusion of Proximity in Territorial Construction. An Approach to Tourism Development Via Social Networks in Sierra De Albarracín (Spain)

Tatiana Borodina and Alexander Savchenko
Rural Settlements on Peatlands in Moscow Region: Impact of Economic Activities and Climate Changes on Quality of Life

Ákos Bodor, Zoltán Grünhut and Réka Horeczki
Considering the Linkage Between the Theory of Trust and Classical Rural Sociology’s Concepts

Gintarė Pociūtė-Sereikienė and Edis Kriaučiūnas
The Development of Rural Peripheral Areas in Lithuania: The Challenges of Socio-Spatial Transition

Martin Heintel, Alice Wanner and Norbert Weixlbaumer
Regional Development Between Cohesion and Competition – Current Theses and Fields of Action

VOLUME 10 (2018), NR. 4

Johan Fredrik Rye, Marie Holm Slettebak and Hilde Bjørkhaug
From Family to Domestic and Global Labour? A Decade of Proletarisation of Labour in the Norwegian Horticulture Industry

Gioacchino Pappalardo, Roberta Sisto and Biagio Pecorino
Is the Partnership Governance Able to Promote Endogenous Rural Development? A Preliminary Assessment Under the Adaptive Co-Management Approach

Rosa Maria Fanelli
Rural Small and Medium Enterprises Development in Molise (Italy)

Katarína Melichová, Ina Melišková and Lucia Palšová
Land Withdrawal Vs. Regional Development: Does Withdrawal of Agricultural Land Lead to Increase in Entrepreneurial Activity and Generate Positive Spatial Spillovers? (Slovak Republic)

Stefan Kordel and Stefanie Lutsch
Status Quo and Potential of Remigration Among Transylvanian Saxons to Rural Romania

Peter Čede, Gerhard Deissl, Roland Löffler and Ernst Steinicke
The Eastern Austrian Alps – Their Exceptional Demographic Status in the Alpine Region

Patrick Wieduwilt and Peter Wirth
Cultural Heritage and Wind Turbines – A Method to Reduce Conflicts in Landscape Planning and Management: Studies in the German Ore Mountains

Tatiana Grigor’evna Nefedova and Nikita Evgen’evich Pokrovsky
Terra Incognita of the Russian Near North: Counter-Urbanization in Today’S Russia and the Formation of Dacha Communities

Danka Moravčíková and Tímea Fürjészová
Ecovillage as an Alternative Way of Rural Life: Evidence From Hungary and Slovakia

Gina M. Butrico and David H. Kaplan
Greenhouse Agriculture in the Icelandic Food System

Emiliana Silva, Bruno Almeida and Ana Alexandra Marta-Costa
Efficiency of the Dairy Farms: A Study from Azores (Portugal)


VOLUME 9 (2017), NR. 1

Fumagalli, Natalia / Senes, Giulio / Ferrario, Paolo Stefano / Toccolini, Alessandro
A minimum indicator set for assessing fontanili (lowland springs) of the Lombardy Region in Italy

Konecna, Jana / Karasek, Petr / Fucik, Petr / Podhrazska, Jana / Pochop, Michal / Rysavy, Stanislav / Hanak, Roman
Integration of soil and water conservation measures in an intensively cultivated watershed - a case study of Jihlava river basin (Czech Republic)

Kovacs, Andras Donat / Hoyk, Edit / Farkas, Jeno Zsolt
Homokhatsag - a special rural area affected by aridification in the Carpathian basin, Hungary

Masicek, Tomas / Dufkova, Jana Kozlovsky / Zamecnik, Tomas
Evaluation of erosion rates in cadastral area Rovecne (Moravia) using GIS tools

Tlapakova, Lenka
Development of drainage system in the Czech landscape - identification and functionality assessment by means of remote sensing

Daly, Karen / Breuil, Marion / Buckley, Cathal / O Donoghue, Cathal / Ryan, Mary / Seale, Catherine
A review of water quality policies in relation to public good benefits and community engagement in rural Ireland

Bystricky, Vaclav / Moravcova, Jana / Polensky, Jakub / Pecenka, Jiri
Land use changes in the last half century and their impact on water retention in the Sumava mountains and foothills (Czech Republic)

Santruckova, Marketa / Demkova, Katarina / Weber, Martin / Lipsky, Zdenek / Dostalek, Jiri
Long term changes in water areas and wetlands in an intensively farmed landscape: A case study from the Czech Republic

Kopp, Jan / Frajer, Jindrich / Novotna, Marie
New type of ponds? Changing of quantity and function of water bodies in rural built-up areas (Pilsen Region, Czechia)

Musolino, Dario / de Carli, Alessandro / Massarutto, Antonio
Evaluation of socio-economic impact of drought events: the case of Po river basin

Trobec, Tajan / Lampic, Barbara / Plut, Dusan
The changing role of local water resources over time (The case of Slovenian rural region Bela krajina)

Two short communicatios were added:

Oppeltova, Petra / Bures, Frantisek
Water constructions in countryside - case study of land use on the river Svratka in the village Ujcov (Moravia)

Garcia-Asensio, Jose M. / Ayuga, Francisco
Irrigation engineering in Spain and how it has changed the country s landscape


VOLUME 9 (2017), NR. 2

Csüllög, Gábor / Horváth, Gergely / Tamás, László / Szabó, Mária / Munkácsy, Béla
Quantitative Assessment of Landscape Load Caused by Mining Activity

Mastronardi, Luigi / Giaccio, Vincenzo / Giannelli, Agostino / Stanisci, Angela
Methodological Proposal about the Role of Landscape in the Tourism Development Process in Rural Areas: The Case of Molise Region (Italy)

Oguz, Cennet / Yener, Aysun
Economic Analysis of Dairy Cattle Enterprises: The Case of Konya Province

Viskovic, Nika Razpotnik
Spatial Constraints of Slovenian Farms: What Does Urbanization Have to Do with It?

Repaska, Gabriela / Vilinova, Katarina / Solcova, Lucia
Trends in Development of Residential Areas in Suburban Zone of the City of Nitra (Slovakia)

Nieto Masot, Ana / Alonso, Gema Cárdenas
25 Years of the Leader Initiative as European Rural Development Policy: The Case of Extremadura (SW Spain)

Chevalier, Pascal / Maciulyte, Jurgita / Razafimahefa, Lala / Dedeire, Marc
The Leader Programme as a Model of Institutional Transfer: Learning from Its Local Implementation in France and Lithuania

Dusek, Jiri
Evaluation of Development of Cooperation in South Bohemian Municipalities in the Years 2007-2014

Harfst, Jörn / Pichler, Patrick / Fischer, Wolfgang
Regional Ambassadors - An Innovative Element for the Development of Rural Areas?

Puolamäki, Laura
Tracing Cultural Landscape Values of Children with Participatory Geographic Information System


VOLUME 9 (2017), NR. 3

Emilia Rönkkö / Eeva Aarrevaara
Towards Strengths-Based Planning Strategies for Rural Localities in Finland

Attila Korompai / Mátyás Szabó / Erzsébet Nováky
Supporting the Absorbent National Rural Development Planning by Scenarios

Maria Bonaventura Forleo / Vincenzo Giaccio / Agostino Giannelli / Luigi Mastronardi / Nadia Palmier
Socio-Economic Drivers, Land Cover Changes and the Dynamics of Rural Settlements: Mt. Matese Area (Italy)

Josefina Syssner / Marlies Meijer
Informal Planning in Depopulating Rural Areas

Judit Katonáné Kovács / Erzsébet Szeréna Zoltán
Rural Enterprise Hub Supporting Rural Entrepreneurship and Innovation – Case Studies from Hungary

Jana Kouřilová / Martin Pělucha
Economic and Social Impacts of Promoting Cultural Heritage Protection by the Czech Rural Development Programme 2007–2013

Paula Remoaldo / Isabel Freitas / Olga Matos / Hélder Lopes / Sara Silva / Maria Dolores Sánchez Fernández / José Cadima Ribeiro / Vitor Ribeiro
The Planning of Tourism on Rural Areas: The Stakeholders' Perceptions of the Boticas Municipality

Gintarė Vaznonienė / Rasa Pakeltienė
Methods for the Assessment of Rural Social Infrastructure Needs

Alžbeta Sopirová / Lucia Štefancová / Silvia Bašová / Karol Görner
Public Space and the Efficiency of the New Residential Zones in Small Slovak Towns and Villages

Alexander Savchenko / Tatiana Borodina
Rural Architectural and Planning Forms as a Source of Diversity for Urban Environment (Case Study of Moscow)

Luis Galiana-Martín
Spatial Planning Experiences for Vulnerability Reduction in the Wildland-Urban Interface in Mediterranean European Countries

Leonid Rudenko, Eugenia Maruniak, Oleksandr Golubtsov, Serhiy Lisovskyi, Viktor Chekhniy, Yuriy Farion
Reshaping Rural Communities and Spatial Planning in Ukraine


VOLUME 9 (2017), NR. 4

Buček, Antonín / Černušáková, Linda / Friedl, Michal / Machala, Martin / Maděra, Petr
Ancient Coppice Woodlands in the Landscape of the Czech Republic

Miklós, László / Izakovičová, Zita / Offertálerová, Monika / Miklósová, Viktória
The Institutional Tools of Integrated Landscape Management in Slovakia for Mitigation of Climate Change and Other Natural Disasters

Szturc, Jan / Karásek, Petr / Podhrázská, Jana
Historical Changes in the Land Use Connected with Appropriation of Agricultural Land – Case Study of Cadastral Areas Dolní Věstonice and Modřice (Czech Republic)

Tulla, Antoni-Francesc / Stoica, Ilinca-Valentina / Pallarès-Blanch, Marta / Zamfir, Daniela
Can Naturbanization Promote Environmentally Friendly Built-Up Areas? A Comparison Between Cadí-Moixeró (Catalonia, Spain) and Comana (Romania) Natural Parks

Korhonen, Kirsi / Kotavaara, Ossi / Muilu, Toivo / Rusanen, Jarmo
Accessibility of Local Food Production to Regional Markets – Case of Berry Production in Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland

Ievoli, Corrado / Basile, Roberto Giovanni / Belliggiano, Angelo
The Spatial Patterns of Dairy Farming In Molise

Némethová, Jana / Dubcová, Alena / Nagyová, Ľudmila / Kramáreková, Hilda
Ecological Farming in Slovakia and Its Regional Disparities

Ryglová, Kateřina / Rašovská, Ida / Šácha, Jakub
Rural Tourism – Evaluating the Quality of Destination

Makkai, Bernadett / Máté, Éva / Pirisi, Gábor / Trócsányi, András
Where Have All the Youngsters Gone? The Background and Consequences of Young Adults’ Outmigration from Hungarian Small Towns

Oedl-Wieser, Theresia
Women as Drivers for a Sustainable and Social Inclusive Development in Mountain Regions – The Case of the Austrian Alps

Krūzmētra, Maiga / Rivža, Baiba / Jasaitis, Jonas
Performance Agent Groups in the Promotion of Smart Economic Growth

Hruška, Vladan / Broumová, Lucie / Píša, Jan
Assessing the Regionality Degree of Regional Products o The Ustí Region (Czechia)


VOLUME 8 (2016), NR. 1

Ruta Spiewak
Multifunctionality or organic farming: Case study from southern Poland

Fulvio Rizzo
Approaching multifunctionality by a "normative view": Finnish farmers´ visions on contemporary agriculture

Peter Cush, Áine Macken-Walsh
The potential for joint farming ventures in Irish agriculture: A sociological review

Ernst Steinicke, Igor Jelen, Gerhard Karl Lieb, Roland Löffler, Peter Čede
Slovenes in Italy: A fragmented minority

VOLUME 8 (2016), NR. 2

Henri Järv, Jaak Kliimask, Raymond Ward, Kalev Sepp
Socioeconomic Impacts of Protection Status on Residents of National Parks

Izabela Lipinska
Managing the Risk in Agriculture Production: The Role of Government

Renata Krajcirova, Alexandra Ferenczi Vanová, Michal Munk
Agricultural Land and Land Tax - Significant Indicators of Agriculture Business Activities in the Slovak Republic

Martina Chalupova, Martin Prokop, Stanislav Rojik
Regional Food Preference and Awareness of Regional Labels in Vysocina Region (Czech Republic)

Jana Jarabkova, Lubica Majstriková, Tomas Kozolka
Financial Supporting Tools of Rural Tourism Development in Nitra Self-Governing Region

Marcela Chrenekova, Katarina Melichova, Eleonóra Marisova, Serhiy Moroz
Informal Employment and Quality of Life in Rural Areas of Ukraine

Zuzana Bohatova, Pavol Schwarcz, Loreta Schwarczova, Anna Bandlerova, Vojtech Tlcik
Multifunctionality - Interactions and Implications: The Case of the Podkylava Village (Western Slovakia)

Monika Bumbalova, Ivan Takac, Jela Tvrdonova, Martin Valach
Stakeholders in Slovakia Ready for Community-Led Local Development? Case Study Findings

Two research notes were added:

Janet Dwyer
New Approaches to Revitalise Rural Economies and Communities - Reflections of a Policy Analyst

David L.Brown, Mark Schucksmith
A New Lens for Examining Rural Change

VOLUME 8 (2016), NR. 3

Maarit Sireni
When urban planning doctrine meets low sensity countryside

Erik Thorstensen, Ellen-Marie Forsberg, Anders Unterthun, Pavel Danihelka, Jakub Rehacek
Regional development and climate change adaptation: a study of the role of legitimacy

Andreas Copus, Jonathan Hopkins, Rachel Creaney
The transaction footprints of Scottish food and drink SMEs

János Csapó, Viktor Wetzl
Possibilities of the creation of the beer routes in Hungary. a methodological and practical perspective

Gabriela Antosova
Cultural rural development in the Czech Republic (case study of the Liberec Region)

Ágnes Sallay, Zsuzsanna Mikházi, Klaudia Máté, Edina Dancsokné Fóris, Krisztina Filepné Kovács, István Valánszki, László Kollányi
The role of small towns in a potential ecoregion through the example of Fertö / Neusiedlersee cultural landscape

Two short communication:

Goran Mutabdzija: Sarajevo-Romanija region
A fluid space between the urban and rural

Anna Pawlikowska-Piechotka, Karolina Golebieska, Natalia Lukasik, Anna Ostrowska-Tryzno, Karolina Sawicka
Rural sancruaries as "smart destinations" - sustainability concerns (Mazovia, Poland)

VOLUME 8 (2016), NR. 4

Steinfuhrer, Annett / Vaishar, Antonin / Zapletalova, Jana
Town in Rural Areas as an Underresearched Type of Settlement. Editors Introduction to the Special Issue

Jiri Maly
Small Towns in the Context of "Borrowed Size" and "Agglomeration Shadow" Debates: the Case of the South Moravian Region (Czech Republic)

Vaishar, Antonin, Zapletalova, Jana, Novakova, Eva
Between Urban and Rural: Sustainability of Small Towns in the Czech Republic

Novotny, Ladislav / Csachova, Stela / Kulla, Marian / Nestorova-Dicka, Janetta / Pregi Lorant
Development Trajectories of Small Towns in East Slovakia

Jousseaume, Valerie / Talandier, Magali
The dynamics of small towns in France

Czapiewski, Konrad / Banski, Jerzy / Gorczynska, Magdalena
The Impact Of Location On The Role Of Small Towns In Regional Development: Mazovia, Poland

Csurgo, Bernadett / Megyesi, Boldizsar
The role of small towns in local place making

Barbara Konecka - Szydlowska
Significance of Small Towns in the Process of Urbanisation of the Wielkopolska Region (Poland)

Filipovic, Marko / Kokotovic, Kanazir Vlasta / Drobnjakovic, Marija
Small Towns in Serbia - The "Bridge" Between the Urban and the Rural


VOLUME 7 (2015), NR. 1

Outi Ratamäki, Pekka Salmi
The most contested in Finland: Large carnivores and the Saimaa ringed seal - challenges of socio-ecological rhythms and their practical implications Saimaa ringed seal - challenges of socio-ecological rhythms and their practical implications

Maija Halonen, Juha Kotilainen, Markku Tykkyläinen, Eero Vatanen
Industry life cycles in a resource town in Finland - the case of Lieksa

Maarit Sireni
Reinventing rural femininities in the post-productivist Finnish countryside

Ana Nieto Masot, Gema Cárdenas Alonso
Research on the accessibility to health and educational services in rural areas of Extremadura

VOLUME 7 (2015), NR. 2

Krystian Heffner, Malgorzata Twardzik
The impact of shopping centers in rural areas and small towns in the outer metropolitan zone (The example of the Silesian voivodeship)

Pavel Pospech, Daniela Spesna, Adam Stavenik
Images of a good village: A visual analysis of the rural idyll in the "Village of the year" competition in the Czech Republic

Cennet Oguz
Importance of rural women as a part of the population in Turkey

Milada Stastna, Antonin Vaishar, Hana Vavrouchova, Miloslava Sevelova, Silvie Kozlovska, Veronika Doskocilova, Helena Lincova
Changes of a rural landscape in Czech areas of different types


VOLUME 7 (2015), NR. 3

Patrick Brouder, Svante Karlsson, Linda Lundmark
Hyper-productivity: a new metric of multifunctionality

Jana Podhrazska, Antonin Vaishar, Frantisek Toman, Jaroslav Knotek, Miloslava Sevelová, Katerina Stonawska, Alona Vasylchenko, Petr Karasek
Evaluation of Land Consolidation Process by Rural Stakeholders

Maylis Sposito
Organization of Rural Microbusinesses under Specific Family Owners Conditions

Miroslav Horak, Alice Kozumplikova, Kristyna Somerlikova, Helena Lorencova, Ivana Lampartova
Religious tourism in the South-Moravian and Zlín regions: Proposal for three new pilgrimage routes


VOLUME 7 (2015), NR. 4

Lichovnikova, Veronika, Stastna, Milada, Kotovicova, Jana, Vaverkova, Magdalena, Adamcova, Dana
The Influence of the Solid Waste Landfill Existence on the Environmental and Economic Situation of Petruvky Village (Czechia)

Pawlikowska-Piechotka, Anna, Ostrowska-Tryzno, Anna, Sawicka, Karolina
The rural open air museums: visitors, community and place


VOLUME 6 (2014), NR. 1

Černič-Mali, Barbara / Koch, Andreas / Koch, Madeleine
Societal implication and challenges of demographic change – some introductory remarks

Fischer, Tatjana
Aging population in change – a crucial challenge for structurally weak rural areas in Austria

Damyanovic, Doris / Reinwald, Florian
The “Comprehensive village renewal programme in Burgenland” as a means a strengthening the social capital in rural areas

Gstach, Isabell
The Austrian social festival “Keep the Ball Rolling” in a peripheral region of Upper Styria

Josipovič, Damir
Recent demographic trends in the northern borderland between Italy and Slovenia: Stabilization or further redistribution of population?

Wankiewicz, Heidrun
How can “gender planning” contribute to tackle the challenges of demographic change?

How can “gender planning” contribute to tackle the challenges of demographic change?

VOLUME 6 (2014), NR. 2

Jelinek, Boleslav – Uradnicek, Lubos
The Survival and Growth Rates of Woody Vegetation in the Man-Made Radějov Biocorridor During the Period of 1993 - 2012

Pallares-Blanch, Marta - Prados Velasco, Maria-Jose, Tulla Pujol, Antoni Francesc
Naturbanization and Urban – Rural Dynamics in Spain: Case Study of New Rural Landscapes in Andalusia and Catalonia

Quaranta, Giovanni - Salvia, Rosanna
An Index to Measure Rural Diversity in the Light of Rural Resilience and Rural Development Debate

Hyytia, Nina
Rural-Urban Multiplier and Policy Effects in Finish Rural Regions: an Inter-Regional SAM Analysis

VOLUME 6 (2014), NR. 3

Lehtonen Olli, Tykkyläinen Markku
Potential for job creation and resource dependence in rural Finland

Cerpes Ilka, Pandol Nina, Fikfak Alenka
Upgrading the Network of High Mountain Shelter as A Method of Restoring of Demographically Endangered Settlements in the Slovenian Alps

Salus Jiri, Marikova Pavlina, Kment Petr
Sociological Research of Rural Areas in the Czech Republic and Cooperating Among Experts

Tonkovic Zeljka, Zlatar Jelena
Sustainable Development in Island Communities: The Case Study of Postira

VOLUME 6 (2014), NR. 4

Neumeier Stefan, Pollermann Kim
Rural tourism as promoter of rural development – prospects and limitations: case study findings from a pilot project promoting village tourism

Almstedt Asa – Brouder Patrick – Karlsson Svante – Lundmark Linda
Beyond post-productivism: from rural policy discourse to rural diversity

Aagaard Thuesen Annette – Nielsen Niels Christian
A territorial perspective of EU´s LEADER approach in Denmark: the added value of community-led local development of rural and coastal areas in a multi-level governance settings

Rye Johan Fredrik
The western European countryside from an eastern European perspective: case of migrant workers in Norwegian agriculture


VOLUME 5 (2013), NR. 1

Forsberg, Gunnel / Stenbacka, Susanne
Mapping Gendered Ruralities

Horáková, Hana
Whose Countryside? Contested Development in the New Rural Recreational Localities in Czechia from the Perspective of the Countryside Capital

Jaarsma, Rinus F. / Vries, Jasper R. de
Former Farm Buildings Reused as Rural Villa, Building Contractor or Garden Centre: Consequences for Traffic Flows on Minor Rural Roads in a Changing Countryside

Tlapáková, Lenka / Stejskalová, Dagmar / Karásek, Petr / Podhrázská, Jana
Landscape Metrics as a Tool for Evaluation Landscape Structure – Case Study Hustopeče

Zasada, Ingo / Loibl, Wolfgang / Köstl, Mario / Piorr, Annette
Agriculture Under Human Influence: A Spatial Analysis of Farming Systems and Land Use in European Rural-Urban-Regions

VOLUME 5 (2013), NR. 2

Bufon, Milan
Researching Elements of Cross-Border Social Cohesion: the Case of Slovene Border Areas

Dołzblasz, Sylwia
Cross-Border Co-Operation in the Euroregions at the Polish-Czech and Polish-Slovak Borders

Vaishar, Antonín / Šťastná, Milada / Trnka, Pavel / Dvořák, Petr / Zapletalová, Jana
South-Moravian rural borderland

Rajčáková, Eva / Švecová, Angelika
Cross-Border Cooperation in Slovak-Czech Border Region under EU Programmes

Horváth, Gergely / Csüllög, Gábor
A New Slovakian-Hungarian Cross-Border Geopark in Central Europe – Possibility for Promoting Better Connections Between the Two Countries

Marot, Naja
10 Years After: the Impact of EU Accession on the Slovenian-Austrian Cross-Border Area in Pomurje Region

VOLUME 5 (2013), NR. 3

Hlavsa, Tomáš / Čapkovičová, Andrea
Analysis of the EU Territorial Differences in Terms of Natural Conditions with Special View of Czech Nuts 2 Regions

Kniezková, Tereza
Interest of Czech Population in Water Management

Kurz, Peter
Management Strategies and Landscape Diversity in Commonly Governed Mountain Pastures: A Case Study from Austrian Alps

Rizzo, Fulvio
Leader Policy Practices and Landscapes in the Light of the Agency-Structure Debate: Evidence from Leader Local Action Groups in Italy and in Finland

Vitola, Alise / Baltina Iveta
An Evaluation of the Demand for Telework and Smart Work Centres in Rural Areas: A Case Study from Latvia

VOLUME 5 (2013), NR. 4

Potočnik-Slavič, Irma / Schmitz, Serge
Farm Tourism Across Europe

Talbot, Mandy
Farm Tourism in Wales. Products and Markets, Resources and Capabilities. The Experience of Six Farm Tourism Operators

Dubois, Charline / Schmitz, Serge
What is the Position of Agritourism on the Walloon Tourist Market?

Marsat, Jean-Bernard / Menegazzi, Pauline / Monin, Céline / Bonniot, Aurore / Bouchaud, Monique
Designing a Regional Policy of Agrotourism – The Case of Auvergne Region (France)

Ciervo, Margerita
Agritourism in Italy and the Local Impact Referring To Itria Valley. The Organic Firm “Raggio Verde” and its Ecological Agritourism Project

Cigale, Dejan / Lampič, Barbara / Potočnik-Slavič, Irma
Interrelations Between Tourism Offer and Tourism Demand in the Case of Farm Tourism in Slovenia

Lukić, Aleksandar
Tourism, Farm Diversification and Plurality of Rurality: Case Study of Croatia


VOLUME 4 (2012), NR. 1

Wellbrock, Wiebke / Roep, Dirk / Wiskerke, Johannes
An integrated perspective on rural regional learning

García, María / Swagemakers, Paul / Bock, Bettina / Fernández, Xavier
Making a living: Grassroots development initiatives, natural resource management and institutional support in Galicia, Spain

Farrell, Maura / Mahon, Marie / McDonagh, John
The rural as a return migration destination

Lampič, Barbara / Mrak, Irena
Globalization and foreign amenity migrants: the case of foreign home owners in the Pomurska region in Slovenia

Nadler, Robert
Should I stay or should I go? International migrants in the rural town of Zittau (Saxony) and their potential impact on rural development

Nienaber, Birte / Frys, Wioletta
International labour migration in European rural regions - the example of Saarland, Germany

VOLUME 4 (2012), NR. 2

Printsmann, Anu / Kruse, Alexandra / Roth, Michael
Introduction for living in agricultural landscapes: practice, heritage and identity

Semenova, Tamara
New strategies for rural development in the Russian North

O'Rourke, Eileen / Kramm, Nadine
High nature value (HNV) farming and the management of upland diversity. A review

Gelencsér, Géza / Vona, Márton / Centeri, Csaba
Loosing agricultural heritage in rural landscape - a case study in Koppány Valley Area, Hungary

Bailoni, Mark / Edelblutte, Simon / Tchékémian, Anthony
Agricultural landscape, heritage and identity in peri-urban areas in Western Europe

Puolamäki, Laura
Individual views and shared landscapes of folklore in Reykholtsdal, Iceland

VOLUME 4 (2012), NR. 3

Doucha, Tomáš / Štolbová, Marie / Lekešová, Michaela
Assessment of support for farms in the Czech less favoured areas with special regards to cattle breeding

Rasnaca, Liga
Peculiarities of the employees' recruitments by rural employers: the case of Latvia

Bednaříková, Zuzana
Participation of active seniors in rural areas in public life

Lehtonen, Olli / Tykkyläinen, Markku / Voutilainen, Olli
Root causes of rural decline in economic well-being in Finland

VOLUME 4 (2012), NR. 4

Husák, Jakub
Synergy of social and human capital in rural development – Czech and German cases

Pawlikowska-Piechotka, Anna
Urban greens and sustainable land policy management (case study in Warsaw)

Valls, Pablo / Jakešová, Lenka / Vallés, Maria / Galiana, Francisco
Sustainability of Mediterranean Spanish forest management through stakeholder views

Voutilainen, Olli / Wuori, Olli
Rural development within the context of agricultural and socio-economic trends – the case of Finland


VOLUME 3 (2011), NR. 1

Figueiredo, Elisabete / Raschi, Antonio
«Un' immensa campagna avvolta dal verde» - Reinventing rural areas in Italy through tourism promotional images

Filipe, Marisa / de Mascarenhas, José
Abandoned villages and related geographic and landscape context: guidelines to natural and cultural heritage conservation and multifunctional valorization

Naef, Patrick
Reinventing Kotor and the Risan Bay, a study of tourism and heritage conservation in the New Republic of Montenegro

Muilu, Toivo / Kotavaara, Niina
Diffusion, social structure and functioning of scientific rural networks: comparison of European and Finish examples

VOLUME 3 (2011), NR. 2)

Bieling, Claudia / Plieninger, Tobias / Trommler, Kathrin
Cross the border - close the gap: resilience-based analysis of landscape change (Editorial)

Schröder, Christoph
Land use dynamics in the dehesas in the Sierra Morena (Spain): the role of diverse management strategies to cope with the drivers of change

Moorfeld, Maria
Landscapes in Eastern Germany at a turning point - linkages between population decline, ageing and land consumption

Birge, Traci / Fred, Marianne
New ideas for old landscapes: using a social-ecological approach for conservation of traditional rural biotopes - a case study from Finland

VOLUME 3 (2011), NR. 3

Woods, Michael / McDonagh, John
Rural Europe and the world: Globalization and rural development (Editorial)

Copus, Andrew / Dubois, Alexandre / Hedström, Moa
Expanding horizons: local embeddedness and local engagement among small firms in the European countryside

Potočnik-Slavič, Irma
The relevance of linking favourable business environments with embeddedness SMEs in rural areas of the Goriška region, Slovenia

Šťastná, Milada / Kniezková, Tereza / Náplavová, Miloslava
Embedding of rural businesses in the South Moravian region

Frys, Wioletta / Nienaber, Birte
Protected areas and regional development: conflicts and opportunities - presented on the example of the UNESCO biosphere reserve Bliesgau

VOLUME 3 (2011), NR. 4

Katona-Kovács, Judit / High, Chris / Nemes, Gusztáv
Importance of Animation Actions in the Operation of Hungarian Local Action Groups

Schaich, Harald / Karier, Jacques / Konold, Werner
Rivers, regulation and restoration: land use history of floodplains in a peri-urban landscape in Luxembourg, 1777 - 2000

Vaishar, Antonín / Jakešová, Lenka / Náplavová, Miloslava
Current problems in the South-Moravian rural landscape

Štolbová, Marie
An evaluation of the relevance of EU less favoured areas policy for dry regions of the Czech Republic


VOLUME 2 (2010), NR. 1

Printsmann, Anu / Palang, Hannes
The interface between Marx and Brussels. Editorial

Blacksell, Mark
Agriculture and landscape in the 21st century Europe: the post-communist transition

Nikodemus, Oļgerts / Bell, Simon / Penēze, Zanda / Krūze, Imants
The influence of European Union single area payments and less favoured area payments on the Latvian landscape

Roose, Antti / Sepp, Kalev
Monitoring framework for assessing changes of the Estonian rural landscape in adopting European agricultural policies

VOLUME 2 (2010), NR. 2

Sooväli-Sepping, Helen / Kaur, Egle / Palang, Hannes
Imaginary Landscapes-or is the Truth out there? Dynamics in Landscape Representations in Relation to ‘Real’ Landscapes on Saaremaa Island, Estonia

Mládek, Jozef / Čupeľová, Katarína
Population processes and structures in the urban and rural spaces of Slovakia

Kowalska, Magdalena
The phenomenon of the migration and the quality and the subsistence level of the population of rural areas in Malopolska

Selected issues of the development of small municipalities in the Czech Republic, financing of municipalities
Kadeřábková, Jaroslava / Jetmar, Marek

VOLUME 2 (2010), NR. 3

Adamowicz, Joanna
Towards synergy between tourism and nature conservation. The challenge for the rural regions: the case of Drawskie lake district, Poland

Printsmann, Anu
Public and private shaping of Soviet mining city: contested history?

Zarina, Anita
Path dependency and landscape biographies in Latgale, Latvia: a comparative analysis

Palang, Hannes
Time boundaries and landscape change: collective farms 1947-1994

VOLUME 2 (2010), NR. 4

Perlín, Radim
Theoretical approaches of methods to delimitate rural and urban areas

Maříková, Pavlína / Herová, Irena
Area protection in views of its residents

Škrdla, Jan / Kupec, Petr
Methodology of registration and evaluation of steam-bank vegetation in rural landscape

McDonagh, John / Farrell, Maura / Mahon, Marie / Ryan, Mary
New opportunities and cautionary steps? Farmers, forestry and rural development in Ireland


VOLUME 1 (2009), NR. 1

Šťastná, Milada / Vaishar, Antonín
European Countryside - Editorial

Figueiredo, Elisabete
One Rural, two Visions - Environmental Issues and Images on Rural Areas in Portugal

Wasilewski, Mirosław / Mądra, Magdalena
Regional Differentiation of the Use of Production Factors in the Polish Agriculture

Pantyley, Victoria
Demographic Situation of Rural Population in Ukraine in the Period of Intensive Socio-Economic Transformation

O'Rourke, Eileen / Kramm, Nadine
Changes in the Management of the Irish Uplands: A Case-Study from the Iveragh Peninsula

VOLUME 1 (2009), NR. 2

Vaishar, Antonín / Zapletalová, Jana
Small towns as centres of rural micro-regions

Maj, Hubert
The perception of the European Union by the farmers of Lubelskie voivodeship: the results of survey-based research

Varga, Eszter
Non-profit organizations in Hungarian rural development - a LEADER+ example in the southern Transdanubian region

Trnková, Kateřina
Rural schools: wrinklers for mayors?

Järvelä, Marja / Jokinen, Pekka / Huttunen, Suvi / Puupponen, Antti
Local food and reneweable energy as emerging new alternatives of rural sustainability in Finland

VOLUME 1 (2009), NR. 3

Kučerová, Silvie / Kučera, Zdeněk
Changes in the rural elementary schools network in Czechia during the second half of the 20th century and its possible impact on rural areas

Pierre, Geneviève

The biodiesel produced by farmers at a local scale using a traditional procedure: what kind of territorial construction for an agro-environmental project in social economy?

Fischer, Tatjana
Aging in rural areas in Austria - On the interrelations of spatial aspects and the quality of life of today's older generation

Bartoš, Michael / Kušová, Drahomíra / Těšitel, Jan
Motivation and life style of the Czech amenity migrants (case study)

VOLUME 1 (2009), NR. 4

Sedlacek, Sabine / Kurka, Bernhard / Maier, Gunther
Regional identity: a key to overcome structural weaknesses in peripheral rural regions?

Chen, Qiuzhen / Sumelius, John / Arovuori, Kyösti
The evolution of policies for multifunctional agriculture and rural areas in China and Finland

Marquardt, Doris / Möllers, Judith / Buchenrieder, Gertrud
EU-wide networking: an instrumental valuable for European rural development policies in Romania?

Manea, Gabriela / Matei, Elena / Tiscovschi, Adrian
Preliminary case study on the environmental quality and life quality in the Romanian rural rudimentary communities

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